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Dr. Rishe talks about the 2018 World Cup, the finalists and the tournament's impact


CGTN America (7/9/18)… “Discussing Economics of the 2018 World Cup on Productivity Levels”



CNN International (7/2/18)…”Discussing Economics of LeBron James Move to L.A.”



Newswise.com (6/13/18)… “World Cup 2026 a Matter of Economics”



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Forbes.com (5/30/18)… Authored “FC Cincinnati Ascends To MLS As City Shows It Can Pack The House For Soccer”



Tampabay.com (5/29/18)… “Rays Move to Ybor City Would Put Team in Heart of Region’s Population, Study Shows”



Forbes.com (5/28/18)…Authored “Why The Vegas Golden Knights' Success Off The Ice Should Come As No Surprise”



Tampa Bay Times (5/22/18)...Regarding Rays New Stadium Discussions



Blogtalkradio.com (5/15/18)… “Potential Economic Benefit of Legalized Sports Betting”



LAtimes.com (5/3/18)… “As Pujols Pulls Within One Hit of Another Milestone, He Still Belongs more to St. Louis than Anaheim”



News.stlpublicradio.com (5/2/18)… “Ballpark Village Shooting Spurs Increased Security, Concerns About Economic Impact”



Wsoctv.com (4/2/18)… “Potential Bidder with Carolinas Ties Visits Carolina Panthers”



Cnbc.com (3/9/18)… “Ways the NCAA Can Reform its Image, and Compensate its Athletes”



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LAtimes.com (2/16/18)… “Streaming Video is NBC’s Fountain of Youth at Winter Olympics”



Wsoctv.com (2/6/18)… “With Football Season Over, All Eyes on Who Will Buy Panthers”



Wfpl.org (2/5/18)… “Could This Group Finally Bring the NBA to Louisville”



Telegraph.co.uk (1/29/18)… “Sporting Spectacle Mixed with US Razzmatazz: Super Bowl Delivers an Advertising Touchdown”



Foxbusiness.com (1/26/18)… “Super Bowl LII to Draw $500M in Ad Revenue”


Forbes.com (1/21/18)…Authored “Real Estate Investment Near Kings’ Golden 1 Center Revitalizing Downtown Sacramento”



Youtube.com (1/7/18)… “Developments Around Golden 1 Center in Sacramento with Scott Freshour”



Forbes.com (1/2/18)…Authored “Ownership Share Of Raiders And A New Stadium Are Too Much For Jon Gruden To Ignore”



Wsoctv.com (12/27/18)… “Consistency Key to Panther’s Success, Value as they Head to Playoffs”



Wfae.org (12/18/17)… “Panthers' News Brings Speculation About Buyer, Worry About A Move”



Forbes.com (12/18/17)…Authored “Carolina Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson Tarnishes Professional Legacy With Workplace Misconduct”



Forbes.com (12/1/17)…Authored “GumGum Partnership With Saints, Pelicans Points To Better Measuring Of Sponsorship Valuation”



Forbes.com (11/29/17)…Authored “Breaking Pact With Greg Schiano, Tennessee Athletics Department Shows Its Cowardice”



Kmov.com (11/27/17)… “St. Louis Comptroller Plans Appeal, Will Not Release Funds for Scottrade Financing Deal”




Forbes.com (11/1/17)…Authored “Oversaturation And Changes In Viewing Habits The Most Likely Explanations For NFL's Ratings Dip”



LAtimes.com (10/19/17)… “Babe Ruth Will Be a Bad Boy in a TV Bio as Major League Baseball Makes a Pitch for Younger Viewers”



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11)03/17/16 - Reacting to Putin’s Judgments on Russian Doping Scandal (Russia Today)
12)02/27/16 - FIFA Under New Leadership: How to Move Forward (CCTV America)
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