Welcome to the Business of Sports!

A video series designed to cover numerous aspects of the sports industry. 

Perfect for:

  • Newly minted sports industry professionals seeking greater breadth of knowledge; 

  • High school or college students seeking knowledge regarding the full scope of the sports business ecosystem;

  • Sports enthusiasts who want to learn more about the games played off the field.

Presentations 1-5

  1. Intro to Sports Ecosystem

  2. Key Revenues in Pro/College Sports

  3. Building a Franchise from Scratch

  4. Case Study: MLS Expansion

  5. Trends in Contemporary Sports Venue Designs

Presentations 6-10

6. Economics of Sports Venues​​

7. Venue Naming Rights Deals

8. Corporate Partnerships and Experiential Marketing

9. Media and Ticket Revenues

10. Ticketing Analytics - Part 1

Presentations 11-15

11. Ticketing Analytics - Part 2

12. Analytics and Corporate Partnerships

13. Key Marketing Demos: Hispanic Sports Fans and Esports Enthusiasts

14. Brand Building in Sports

15. Franchise Valuation and Taxation Rules

Presentations 16-20

16. Collective Bargaining Agreements

17. College Athletics - Part 1

18. College Athletics - Part 2

19. The Business of the Olympics

20. The Business of Sports Commissions and Youth Sports


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